Frequently Asked Questions

No-frost depends on indirect cooling through pushing cold air from the fan without producing ice crystals. Defrost depends on producing frost to freeze the contents of the freezer/refrigerator

Some models like the 4 drawer vertical freezer and Combi Refrigerator contain an automatic defrost option. It will automatically melt the frosting evaporate the produced water using the heat of the compressor.

Defrosting other models is easily done through opening an internal drain and an opposite external one to drain the water produced from melting the ice.

Two years for freezers and refrigerators, One year for water dispensers, Three years for gas water heaters, Three years for fans

Yes, PASSAP maintenance and after sales centers will serve you throughout Egypt. Just call our short number 16898.

PASSAP products are manufactured in our factories in Tenth of Ramadan City, Egypt. Except for the water dispensers which are imported from China.

Compressors are imported from different reliable sources all with similar specifications and quality.

Our products can be bought from a number of suppliers all around Egypt or through calling our Hotline 16898 or emailing us on or through and websites.

Chest Freezers temp to be set between MED and MAX, Upright Freezer temp in summer should be set on 1 or 2 and in winter on 3 or 4 and Upright Digital Freezer temp should be set on -18